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At least for Obama, he couldn’t have cared less.


Britain and US ‘neglected alert to Iraq jihadist takeover

Head of Kurdish intelligence in Iraq says MI6 and CIA were warned of impending Isis-Baathist attack on Mosul and Baghdad but British and US governments failed to act

President Barack Obama who has recently rejected calls for early intervention in Iraq

President Barack Obama who has recently rejected calls for early intervention in Iraq Photo: AP

MI6 and the CIA were handed intelligence outlining the planned takeover of northern Iraq by jihadists and their allies five months ago but the British and American governments failed to act on it, senior officials in Iraq have told The Telegraph.

The head of intelligence for the autonomous Kurdish regional government, which has links with the West, said he had repeatedly tried to send warnings both to the central government in Baghdad and to its allies, Britain and America.

But despite repeated attempts to impress on Washington and London the seriousness of the unfolding situation, he said there was no response from either government.

The claims were made as it emerged that as many as 500 British-born fighters have travelled to the Middle East in recent months to take up arms with the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis).

The families of three young men from Cardiff on Sunday night pleaded for them to come home after two of them appeared in an Isis propaganda video urging British Muslims to join them in their holy war.

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  1. Both US and UK ignored it – just like the UN ignored the genocide between the Tsutsi/Hutu tribes of Rwanda?

    How much influence does the OIC have in the world, again?

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