Israel Self Reliance kidnapping Palestinian Child Abuse Palestinian terrorism



And the world looks the way.

Just imagine a situation in which unknown Israeli citizens kidnap the children of certain Paleostinian leaders (henchmen), it would be world news 24/7 with pro-Islamonazi flotillas sailing toward hamastan in Gaza.

LIVE BLOG: The search for the kidnapped teens

LAST UPDATED: 06/20/2014 15:03

Follow all the latest updates on the search for yeshiva students Gil-Ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel here.

Israeli seminary students

Missing yeshiva students (left to right)Naphtali Fraenkel, Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. Photo: REUTERS
Yeshiva students Gil-Ad Shaer,16, Eyal Yifrah, 19, and Naftali Fraenkel16 were kidnapped by terrorists late Thursday night from a hitchhiking point in Gush Etzion.

Here are the latest updates:


5:09 A.M. 300 Palestinians have been arrested by IDF forces in the West Bank during the ongoing Operation Brother’s Keeper, reports Israel Radio. According to the report, most of detainees are members of Hamas.

9:10 P.M.  A Palestinian man who sustained wounds during an IDF raid on the Qalandiya refugee camp died on Friday, the Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

Mustafa Hosni Aslan, 22, was reportedly shot in the head by IDF troops during the pre-dawn raid on Friday, according to Ma’an.

Aslan is the second Palestinian to have died in the last 24 hours from Israeli military operations in the West Bank. The IDF has launched a massive sweep of the territories in search for three kidnapped teenagers believed to have been abducted by Hamas.

8:49 P.M.  Finance Minister Yair Lapid told Channel 2 on Friday that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas made a “courageous” statement in condemning the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers.

Lapid said that Israel must “break Hamas’ infrastructure” in response to the kidnapping.

6:38 P.M. Palestinian medics said Mohammed Dudin, 15, was killed in the village of Dura, near the city of Hebron in the West Bank. The Israeli military said troops had fired live ammunition when rocks and firebombs were thrown at them during an arrest raid.Thousands attended a funeral in Dudin’s hometown and Palestinian police dispersed a protest by some 200 women and men in Hebron demanding that Israel release Palestinian prisoners held in its jails.

4:30 P.M. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will prevent any uprising in the occupied West Bank despite escalating tensions with Israel, his foreign minister said on Friday.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki told Reuters that a massive Israeli military sweep following the disappearance of three Jewish youths a week ago were unacceptable, but said Abbas would continue assisting Israel in an effort to end the crisis.

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