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Consensus governing is the death knell to a free society.

Further proof of how Left the (faux) conservative wing has shifted, they even make the socialists happy.

Rinne: New government programme fulfils SDP objectives

Finland’s new Minister of Finance Antti Rinne remarked in the press conference held after the announcement of successful government negotiations that Finland’s new government believes in the future and is ready to invest in the right way.

Antti Rinne ja Alexander Stubb.
Antti Rinne and Alexander Stubb at the June 19 press conference announcing the new government programme. Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

Finland’s new Finance Minister and Social Democratic Party Chair Antti Rinne says that from a party perspective, the new government programme announced on Thursday fulfils all of his party’s objectives. In particular, he mentioned the programme’s strong focus on growth and employment, along with relief measures for families with children. All in all, Rinne says he believes that the programme is a well-balanced one.

“I am really proud of this team,” Rinne stated.

The Government has committed to supporting young families by developing a system of tax deductions.

“We made the lot of young families easier, especially low-income families,” said Rinne.

The chairs of Finland’s Green League and Christian Democrat political parties, Ville Niinistö and Päivi Räsänen respectively, also mentioned that the advancement of the wellbeing of families with children was an important governmental objective going into the negotiations.

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