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Like in the U.S., if you can’t control your borders, you are no longer a sovereign state.

While one can sympathize with people wanting a better life, you can’t do that upon the backs of others. Stay home and build your own societies. If the Italian government really wanted to stop the flow, it would have its warships parked in the Med at key choke points turning people around. The EU is forcing its hand to keep the borders open.

Migration wave overwhelms Italy

Economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East are entering Europe via Italy in record numbers. The country is forced to rely on private aid initiatives to cope with the huge influx.

Illegal immigrants in Sicily
Adam, an economic migrant from Ghana

Adam dreams of a better future in Europe

Adam is only 18 years old, but incredibly tough – or naive. He sees himself as a refugee, although his home country, Ghana, is one of Africa’s safest and most prosperous countries with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. But Adam prefers Lampedusa and an uncertain future far away from home, somewhere in Europe.

To reach Europe, he even risked his life several times. After a rough voyage through the Sahara desert, he had to make it through Libya, a country that, after the end of the Gadhafi regime, never regained political stability. Adam almost drowned during his boat trip through the Mediterranean towards Italy. He only survived because another passenger pulled him out of the water at the last minute.

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