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Sylvia Akar is a pseudo academic, she contradicts herself repeatedly in the article itself.

She brazenly lies about the compatibility of Islam with democracy (without mentioning the sharia, and the very public nature of Islam), then goes on to state that there are discrepancies with Islam and human rights, without ever mentioning where those discrepancies stem from (clue: sharia, Islam 101).

One of the more outlandish claims reported in the HS article, is that Islamic Law can be changed, entirely forgetting that it’s immutable, since the last ‘scholars’ of Islam closest to the time of Mohamed, have long since passed away, and have sealed up any future rights  of ”re-interpretation” for good.

University of Helsinki: Finland is indeed one of the world’s most Islamic countries – with certain reservations

msque finland

Finland’s oldest mosque is located in Frederick Street in Helsinki.

University of Helsinki, Islam and the Arabic language university lecturer Sylvia Akar signed with reservations the idea that Finland is one of the world’s most Islamic countries. reported on Thursday that according to the Iranian born researcher Hossein Askari, Finland belongs to the ranks of the ten countries that will best carry out the teachings of the Muslim holy book the Koran  economically, politically and socially.

According to Sylvia Akar,  Askari’s understanding is mostly correct.

Freedom of religion, concern for the poor and democratic rule are both core shared values  of Finland and the Koran.

“Any kind of tyranny is not of the Koran. Unfortunately, most of the Muslim majority in those countries live under a dictatorial regime. Basic text does not have anything that would prevent the realization of democracy.”

The Telegraph cites Askari, writing, among other things, limiting the freedom of choice, corrupt, using violence for political ends, and undemocratically elected government is according to the teachings of the Qur’an un-Islamic. Sylvia Akar agrees.

In Akar’s view, Hossein Askari, however, to ignore the many issues of equality .

“For example, the principles of equality in marriage law and in general sexual equality, according to my understanding are outside the realm of research. Similarly, children born out of wedlock and deemed as full members of society, is something that all Islamic countries find it difficult to accept.”

According to Sylvia Akar, Askari handles human rights in a generalized way, without getting deeper into how they are perceived in different countries and cultures.

He pointed out that the Qur’an is like other sacred texts in that they are very open to interpretation, which can be read in many ways as a social road map.

“Islamic law is subject to change. One of the key pillars is consensus. If Islamic scholars agree to a change in the law, the law can be changed.”

Top Qur’an teachings take place in New Zealand, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Britain and the Netherlands, Hossein Askari writes in his study.



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    1. The point here is the easy compliance of Finnish officials/Finnish law towards Islamic norms (sharia), Pekka, that should give us cause for great concern. Also, the ease in which totally false claims are presented in the article, shows the depth in which propagandists feel at ease presenting them, knowing that they won’t be aggressively taken to task by the fake media.

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