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Long time TT commenter WTD, files the following report on Barack Obama:


The global consequences of the US 2008 election. . . Obama promised to end the war in Iraq, close GITMO, redirect attention to Afghanistan among other domestic items on his ‘fundamental transformation’ [of America]agenda. In his book “Audacity of Hope” he wrote: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’ Once he took the oath of office, he bowed to the Saudi King and later proclaimed, ‘The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander the Prophet of Islam’.

As CiC he shifted our military’s RoE in Muslim lands to the clear disadvantage our troops and that of American interests resulting in thejust the first year with an injury & body count of our troops surpassing the totals all eight years of the previous administration’s. Where was the msm daily body count?

As the drawdown of America’s battle weary troops in Iraq and Afghanistan commenced under this CiC’s direction, remaining military equipment was abandonedto local authorities our troops were training.

GITMO (enemy) “detainees” (why weren’t they prosecuted?) have been steadily and quietly returned to the battlefield until last month when Obama’s poll numbers were in steady decline due to snowballing scandals erupting domestically. In an effort to jolt his popularity back into gear, his administration arranged for the “rescue”/exchange of one Army deserterfor five of GITMO’s high value al-Qaeda generals.

These five high-value GITMO detainees were esssentially on US taxpayer funded sabatical, protected from the preparing battlefields abroad. Over the last decade these murdering ne’er-do-wells were well rested, well nourished psychically – having been provided US taxpayer funded Mecca oriented toilets, prayer rugs, and korans which were handled by brainwashed military security personel trained to don white gloves as ‘respect’.

These detainees were nourished physically with halal compliant menus SERVED daily.Even regular entertainmentfor these violent ‘detainees’ was paid for by American taxpayers.

American troops guarding/serving these vile ‘detainees’ suffered through daily taunts at the GITMO Madrassahaving been spit at, fecal concoctions tossed at them, verbally cursed (even through detainee devout prayer) as well as physically assaultedin return.

Every GITMO detainee received consistent and immediate medical attention which surpasses the level and efficiency of care our own military veterans receive.

Entering the lame duck phase of this administration’s term, it appears the above was a set up for a war which has been preplanned and prepared against US interests abroad and domestically for quite some time.

As 800 ISIS/ISIL ‘militants’ defeat 30,000US trained Iraqi soldiers, take control of abandoned military assets like blackhawk helicoptersUS Armored Humveesemptied banks to become more wealthy than al-Qaeda ever could dreamin just a period of weeks, our current occupant of the oval office attends fancy political fund raisers and goes golfing.
Attorney General Eric Holder opens the floodgates on our southern border permitting extremely violent gang members, cartel homies, OTM ner’do wells and innumerable ‘children’ refugees stream uninterrupted into holding pens popping up at military facilities on the border and/or flown/bussed into nearby states for further ‘processing’.

Those paying attention over the last dozen years have been on high alert for some time, while those reading today’s headlines are just now becoming aware of the treason unfolding on a daily basis.

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