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Dubious report claims.

These are very dubious findings. I can guarantee that no migrant, legal or otherwise, is going to admit that the welfare state (statist forced  redistribution of people’s wealth) played a role in making Finland a number 1 destination stop. All around Europe and the West in general, people from 3rd world countries are in fact drawn to the West due to the welfare benefits system, the Finnish Ministry of Social Services wants us to believe that Finland is an anomaly.

Ministry: No evidence of benefits shopping in Finland

There’s no evidence of benefits tourism in Finland, according to a report by the Ministry of Social Services and Health. According to the report the ongoing economic crisis has resulted in more cross-border movement, but migrants are mainly in search of work.

Anonyymi katukuva, ihmisiä
Image: Essi Peijariniemi / Yle

The Ministry report examined the practice of so-called benefits tourism, in which individuals move from country to country to take advantage of the host nation’s social security system.

But according to the authors of the Health and Social Services Ministry report, mass unemployment caused by the economic crisis has been forcing residents of many EU member states to leave their homes in search of work, not benefits.

The report concludes that it’s not Finland’s benefits system that attracts migrants, but its relatively low levels of unemployment and high wages.

Migrants working in Finland pay taxes and social security contributions, so any benefits they may receive are ones to which they are entitled, the Ministry said.

The authors of the report however called for official cooperation and information exchange within Finland and with other states to prevent possible benefits shopping. YLE

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