Norway Rape



They could have shortened the article:

”A woman was raped in Norway, no idea who he is, police are looking for him though.”

Police hunt man after Trondheim rape

Police hunt man after Trondheim rape

Photo: NTB Scanpix

Published: 06 Jun 2014 09:43 GMT+02:00

Police have been given several different descriptions of the suspect and hope that video evidence collected from surveillance cameras will establish the man’s identity.

“We have received descriptions indicating that it could be a person with dark skin, while another witness believes the perpetrator was light-skinned. Now we hope that the footage from a surveillance camera at the site can provide us with concrete information,” said Per Einar Flatås at Trondheim police.

The woman, who is reported to be in her 20s was assaulted and raped in the early hours of Friday morning. Residents in the area around Fjordgata in Trondheim notified police of what they thought was an ongoing rape.

A witness furthermore chased the suspect but he managed to evade capture.

The victim was on Friday recovering from her ordeal at St.Olav ‘s hospital in the city.

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