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It’s fool’s errand, the EU can’t be reformed.

They’ve just handed themselves a broom and dustpan which will be needed to sweep them up and dump them onto the ash heap of history. Sorry to say, but it has to be said, their trying to look ”respectable”, which is akin to a pro-Israel supporter hoping to sway the opposition by joining  J-street.

NOTE: Oh, and as a side note, look how the fake media state news broadcaster YLE (Marxist-Leninist) makes use of the state engineered conviction of Halla-aho at every turn. It goes to show that it was part of the strategy of the state to ”blackball” the man with trumped up charges in order for it to be used against him later on.

Just earlier this year, YLE ran a story on Richard Falk (anti-Israel UN propagandist) who lambasted Israel in a report, without telling the Finnish reader that he was sanctioned the EU for shoddy, biased and non-factual reports). Somehow that was not news worthy, but Halla-aho’s political conviction always is.

Finns Party joins British Tory MEP group

Finland’s populist, hard-right MEPs have joined the European Conservatives and Reformers group in the European parliament. They will switch from the Europe of Freedom and Democracy grouping , swapping a caucus dominated by Britain’s UKIP for one founded by the British Conservative Party.

Timo Soini Perussuomalaisten vaalivalvojaisissa.
Timo Soini has led his Eurosceptic troops into the ECR group in Brussels. Image: Yle

The British Conservative Party is set to join forces with controversial Finns Party MEP Jussi Halla-aho, a noted immigration critic who has a conviction for inciting ethnic hatred.

Newly-elected Halla-aho and his fellow Finns Party MEP Sampo Terho will switch allegiance to the European Conservatives and Reformers group, which was founded by the British Conservative Party. They leave behind the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group, which contains Italy’s far-right regional separatist Lega Nord and the Eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party.

The Finns Party had been looking for a new home since elections to the European Parliament last month. According to Terho they have been attempting to maximize their influence by negotiating with different Eurosceptic groupings.

Finns Party leader Timo Soini says he’s satisfied with the choice, pointing to the group’s 55 MEPs and offering support for the British Prime Minister’s attempts to re-negotiate the terms of EU membership.

”David Cameron is trying to negotiate a leaner and better EU and now there is an attempt to seek support for that,” said Soini. “This economic situation and the EU’s situation is bad at the moment and it needs reform.”

Soini told Yle that the diplomatic dance between different fringe groups in the parliament could yet yield more defectors to the ECR, possibly pushing the group’s numbers up to 60.

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