Islam in Norway Western Appeasement



This is not a good recommendation, but I’m sure that they see it as such.

Seeing that Islamic values run counter to that of the West’s (now in a post-enlightenment phase), this is nothing to cheer about.


Islamic values high in Norway

Published on Wednesday, 4th June, 2014 at 14:56 under the news category, by Sarah Bostock.

Norway is ranked sixth when it comes to Islamic values, a new global list due for release this year shows.

US-based researchers looked at 208 countries in the world. They concluded that the oil-rich Scandinavian country had moved up three places from the last list from 2010.

Ireland, Denmark, and Luxembourg were placed at the top of the list back then, Norway came ninth.

Iranian national Professor Hossein Askari, who led the research group at George Washington University D.C. which published the list, believes that the basic values of Islam are neither about Sharia law, nor a religious state.

The team went through the Koran and Islamic texts for the Islamic ideals in order to calculate the index and decide the countries’ position.

More here. H/T: Holger Danske

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