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If they’re from the ”maghreb”, they’re tards.

The youngest testified anonymously on BFM TV, saying, “We were trying to walkdown the street with our kippot [skullcaps]. Two Maghreb [men] came and beat us. They started by my brother with brass knuckles, scarred him all over the face and beat me.”

EXCLUSIVE: ‘We are Not Afraid’ Says Mother of Jewish Brothers Brutally Beaten Outside Paris Synagogue

MAY 30, 2014 7:02 PM 45 COMMENTS

The mother of two Jewish brothers, who are recovering after being severely beaten on Saturday night outside of a Paris synagogue, told The Algemeiner on Thursday that her family isn’t fearful.

“We are not afraid, we are not scared and we’re going to get back on our feet and stay strong,” said the mother, who asked to remain anonymous. “We don’t want to give the feeling to people that we feel weak or anything. However, we are worried, we are concerned about what’s going on.”

“The fact is that the climate is very bad, very scary, and that there is an increase in small or verbal attacks currently and recently,” she said.

“Although it’s very sad that we had to go through this and experience this, we know that G0d is protecting us and watching over us, and we need to focus on how to progress, and how to move forward and continue to do what we have to do.”

Her sons, aged 18 and 21, were heading to Chaare Tsion Synaogue, in Créteil, when they were beaten with brass knuckles by two attackers who later fled on foot and by bicycle. The brothers suffered multiple contusions and were hospitalized in serious, but not life-threatening, condition.

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