Palestinian terrorism



Rocks can kill, just ask any Muslim condemned to be stoned to death by sharia law.

H/T: Brian John Thomas

Terror Attack On Jerusalem Bus 17

Yesterday afternoon, there was a terror attack on Jerusalem’s bus #17, one of the busiest bus lines in the capital, which crosses the city and connects the southern neighborhoods andMt. Scopus.


Rocks can, and do, kill.  This attack on a public bus, in the middle of the American Colony neighborhood, down the street from the Jerusalem district court, was meant to harm and cause damage.

There has been a rise in Arab attacks in Jerusalem since Passover-Easter. It onlyincreased while the Pope was here, culminating in yesterday’s attack on Yom Yerushalayim(“Jerusalem Day”).

While police were quick to issue restraining orders for a handful of problematic Israelis before the Pope arrived, there has yet to be any restraining order, banishment, or jail time for any of these Jody Roduren’s favorite hobbyists terrorist scum.

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