The Ugly European


ugly european

Oh yeah, only after elections does he see that the EU is a problem (read= democratic tyranny). Me thinks if his party had won, he would be now saying full steam ahead. The man is so transparent in spite of his Teflon attempts at fooling the people.

david cameron lying bastard

David Cameron: Brussels has become ‘too big and too bossy’

Prime Minister attacks EU for being “too big, too bossy and too interfering” as MEPs try to install European federalist as commission president

David Cameron will tonight clash with France over plans to appoint Jean-Claude Juncker, one of the last supporters of a United States of Europe, as president of the European Commission.

European Union leaders are holding crisis talks over dinner in Brussels tonight on the future political direction of Europe after stunning victories by populist parties on the far-Right and Left in elections.

“Europe cannot shrug off these results,” said the Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron will argue that appointing one of the last senior politicians to advocate a federal European state to the top EU job is a serious mistake following the surge of Eurosceptic and far-Right at European elections.

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