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Doing the job the Paleostinians refuse to do.

Overnight, terrorists threw explosives & shot at IDF forces during arrest operation in Jenin. Soldiers returned fire & found several weapons

NOTE: Zemira Eli Natan gives a summary of what the Hebrew speaking IDF soldier is saying in the beginning of video :

”He is explaining what occurred in the incident which palestinians claim that Israel started the incident. Idf were attacking a terrorist ring in defense of their attack on idf soldiers which led to raid. shots fired by palestinian side first. Idf surrounded and killed three who started the incident. Palestinian of course claim that Israelis just surrounded and raided them without provocation. hamas report of course is that Israelis started it. Islamic Jihad Al Quds Brigade, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade”

IDF, Palestinian gunmen exchange fire in Jenin

05/28/2014 09:02

One of the Palestinian gunmen may have been hit, IDF sustains no injuries.

Israeli forces in Kalandia

Israeli forces in Kalandia Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

An IDF unit sent to Jenin overnight to arrest seven security suspects came under fire from Palestinian gunmen. Attackers also hurled explosives at soldiers.

The IDF is checking the possibility that one of the gunmen was hit by Army fure. There were no injuries among soldiers.

During clashes that ensued in the West Bank city, one rock thrower was arrested. In raids on the homes of security suspects, soldiers uncovered a firearm, improvised explosives, and ammunition, an army spokeswoman added.

The wanted suspects have been taken in for questioning.

An additional five Palestinian suspects were arrested during raids in other West Bank locations, including in Zawata, north of Nablus, where a suspect was found to be in possession of homemade weapons.

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