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The green job miracle collapses

Renewable energy should create tens of thousands of jobs. Yet despite billions in aid, the number of jobs decreases. Seven out of ten points, there is only so long as subsidies flowing. By  

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About 70 percent of employment in renewable energy is dependent on EEG<br />

Photo: Infographic The WorldAround 70 percent of employment in the renewable energy depends on the EEG

The subsidization of renewable energy has not led to a significant, sustainable construction jobs in this area. According to recent figures from the Federal Government took the gross employment in renewable energy in 2013 by around seven per cent, to now still 363 100 people.

Counting the employees in government agencies and academic institutions that create renewable energy work for about 370,000 people.

This, however, only about 0.86 percent of the nearly 42 million workers are employed in Germany in the highly subsidized renewable energy. Much of this employment is limited to the maintenance and operation of existing facilities.

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