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Keep this in mind while reading Vlad’s piece, the police, the journalists, never once bothered to describe the perp for us, even though they have an eye witness.

”An antique-shop owner, who saw the killer and made eye contact with him as he walked away through the centre of the touristic district, said he was impassive and cold after the murders.

“I caught his eye. There was no expression whatsoever on his face.”

Investigators say that they have identified three possible motives for the shooting.”

Over target and dropped.

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Vlad: I have harped on about the following issue a couple of times already but it seems too important a point to let go just yet.

The entire point of a government, security services and media is to protect and inform the public. The fact is that two men went into a museum and arbitrarily shot people to death. The fact that the museum was a Jewish one is largely irrelevant as the people they shot could have been anyone. The media not only did not give a description of the attackers, even once it was known that both of them were still at large and very likely on their way to another target, but covered for whatever government agency denied the information.

Furthermore, no one, and I mean no one, would spend good money on a security system that just gave fuzzy stills of someone’s hat. They have photos and videos of the perp I am certain, which are better than what we saw. I don’t think they even make cameras that bad anymore. And it was repeatedly stated that there were eye witnesses but no one thought to ask them for a description of the perp and none of the news agencies, not BBC or CNN even mentioned that there was no description of the mass murders currently at large in Belgian streets. An omission that is too large and across too many organizations to be accidental. This has to be policy.

So I ask the public. What is the point of having a government who deliberately misinforms you in order to protect the image of exceptionally bad policy they are too afraid to back down from, or a security service more concerned about the reputation of the ideology that motivated the attack than they are of preventing another one, and a mass media who work three shifts to avoid informing the public on matters that are quite literally life and death.

The time to learn basics about information, logic, reason and responsibility of these agencies is surely here. We as the public need to inform each other, and assist each other in understanding what criteria is for actual information. Because at the moment we do not have a news media. We have general anesthesia.

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  1. Thank you.
    You are correct, and “The Public” knows it.
    Hence the “earthquake” elections taking place.

    Thank you indigenous Europeans, ’bout time.

    1. BTW… “indigenous” can be White and Western…
      not that one is able to find that concept acknowledged anywhere.

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