Finland Hijab Islamization



Islamic indoctrination 101

Any normal person should fear and loathe it, it’s a symbol of hate, not love.

This is how the Muslim Brotherhood makes its inroads into society, playing on the heartstrings of the doughy headed Left, using our own system of tolerance against us, they make us seem unreasonable, while they enforce their over-the-top norms on females and the rest of society. Enforcement of the sharia.

A word from Bill Warner on the hijab:

Finnish Muslimahs come together to raise hijab awareness

May 26, 2014 12:00 PM by 

A group of ambitious young women started Hijabiksi, a youth project to reduce societal fears surrounding the hijab. By Kochar Mahmoodi.

We call ourselves Northern Hijabees and we are originally from all corners of the world, which enrich us as human beings and also the project. There are 24 of us – between the ages of 15 and 29 years – working on this project, and we come from different backgrounds: Somalian, Kurdish, Iraqi, Turkish, Palestinian and Albanian, just to name few. There are two native Finnish girls in our group, and only a few of us were born in Finland, while the rest of us moved here when we were little. Most of us go to school and some of us work.

Some of us wear hijab and some do not, but we all share the same love for Allah. We have had both happy and tearful moments, and these have made us stronger and closer as friends and as sisters in Islam.

For many years, we have been active in various activities. We organise sports events, iftars and movie nights; we go camping and have regular weekly dars, or Islamic lessons. And these are some serious but funny questions that people have asked us:

1. Do you sleep with your hijab on?
2. Do you take showers with your hijab on?
3. Can you smile while wearing hijab?
4. Are you Arab, because of that hijab?
5. Are you covering your bald head with your hijab?
6. Can you hear me when I’m talking?

We wondered, “Why is the place we grew up in so discriminatory against foreigners and especially against Muslim women wearing hijab?” Even with more and more native Finnish people who convert to Islam and wear the hijab, they also experience this discrimination. Why do many non-Muslims think that the hijab issue is taboo or that it violates women’s rights? We want to be able to have conversations with non-Muslims about this. We want to do something about it; to speak our mind and be heard.

More here. H/T: Holger Danske

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  1. And no one has seen YouTube videos of women being beaten by religious patrols of men with sticks for showing their hair?

    Islam: once you’re in, you only leave in a coffin.

  2. There is no difference between a hijab, a Nazi armband, or a KKK hood. All are symbols of hatred and genocide. When I see someone wearing a hijab in public, I feel exactly the same as if I’d seen someone waving a Nazi flag in public.

  3. don’t stop keep on doing what you’re doing hijabis women are like any others women in our societies they live a normal lifestyle like all other women, the core idea is that it’s supposed to be a symbol of modesty of woman’s intellectual ability over her physical beauty and a women you should be able to wear whatever you want and if that’s what you want to wear;then that’s what you should wear

    1. The hijab is a symbol of sharia, the sharia is a hate doctrine against the non-muslim, we have every right to be opposed to its symbols of hate as a Jew (and any other sane rational person) is opposed to the Swastika and former Soviet dissidents (and other sane people) are opposed to the hammer and sickle and any Black American (as well as any other sane person) is opposed to the garb of the KKK.

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