And of course, when looking deeper into the incident, things just don’t add up.

Israeli Ballistics Expert Casts Doubt Over Bullet Claimed to Be Found in Bitunia Shootings

May 23, 2014

Author:  Joshua Levitt

The bullet supposedly found at the scene of the Beitunia shooting. Photo: CNN / Screenshot.

As the Israeli government continues to investigate what really happened in Bitunia, where edited security camera footage showed two Palestinian Arabs dying from off-screen fire, an Israeli ballistics expert on Friday cast doubt over the bullet claimed to be found on one of the victims.

In a report on Thursday, CNN broadcast an interview of Siam Nouwaran, the father of one of the victims, who held up a bullet he said was found in his son’s backpack.

Nouwaran told CNN that it was found “Inside, the backpack, a blood-stained textbook and a bullet, not a rubber-coated projectile.”

The CNN reporter asked, “You think that this is the bullet that killed your son?”

Nouwaran responded, “Yeah, of course. Inside the bag. I found it inside the bag.”

Ballistics expert Yosef Yekutiel, according to an interview Friday on Israel’s Channel 2 television, flagged by CAMERA, said that if the bullet actually went through the victim’s body the way it was claimed by the Palestinian doctors who said they examined him, the shell would look entirely different.

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