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To Live and Die Under a Mentirocracy

Takuan Seiyo’s latest essay examines the controversy surrounding Nicholas Wade’s new book about the scientific evidence for a genetic basis for racial characteristics, including intelligence and behavior.

by Takuan Seiyo

Wading into a faked controversy

On May 6, 2014, Penguin Press released Nicholas Wade’s book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History. The deeply researched book by the New York Times’ veteran (now retired) science writer has summarized new findings in genetic science that lead unequivocally to the conclusion that race is a biological reality, and race matters. Venturing onto more concrete and dangerous territory Wade has limned in this light topics such as the genetic reasons for the “Jewish genius,” or for sub-Saharan Blacks’ lesser adaptability to modern life than that of Whites’ and Asians’.

All that sounds obvious to those who have a pair of eyes and IQ above moron level. After all, the American NBA or the Olympic finals in Track and Field are a showcase pretty much for one race, and it’s not because of Affirmative Action. Criminal flash mobs are predominantly the domain of a single race too, and opera-singing flash mobs are the domain of another. Jews excel at receiving Nobel Prizes not because they have the inside track in Stockholm. High quality industry and standard of living developed in Japan (Real GDP per capita $23,197) rather than Iraq (Real GDP per capita $3,197) despite Iraq’s being by far the naturally richer and more ancient country, because the Japanese are biologically and culturally different from Arabs[1].

It’s how Reality is built, for humans just as for rodents or ferns. Reality — God to believers — hates equality. But modern science, no less than its medieval predecessor, rejects Reality in favor of a fanatical dogma. If you are an Assistant Professor at any Western university, a mere mention of the word “race” will terminate your academic career prospects, except if you are a member of La Raza or of some organization flaunting the word “Black.”

It’s easy to understand why scientists and academia in general feel that race as a biological fact is a dangerous concept: race consciousness has led in the past to race rankings and enslavement, murder or other forms of expropriation of the weaker races and ethnies by the stronger ones.

African Blacks were enslaved by Arabs from the East and Whites from the West — though only the latter outrage counts for Progressives. American Indians and Australian aborigines were conquered and subjugated by Whites, and the Christian Middle East, North Africa and almost all of South Asia were conquered and subjugated by Muslims of Arab, Turkic or Mongol origin (though, again, Progressives are keen only on whitey’s depredations). Europe practiced grand, worldwide colonialism for half a millennium — as had in earlier times the Chinese, Vietnamese, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Phoenicians (again, with no see/no hear by Progressives). Ultimately this cast of mind ended in Nazism based in Aryan “superiority” and racial anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust for the Jews and Gypsies, and enslavement and gross mass murder of Eastern Europe’s Slavs.

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