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I published an article yesterday that reported on celebrated news journalist Nicholas Wade’s new book that take the taboo of race straight to the woodshed. Commenting to the blog post, long time commenter Anushirva adds the following:

Anushirva: Of course, race is real. Race is defined by phenotype, i.e. the composite of an organism’s observable characteristics or traits, which differentiate among humans as a species. So basically you have phenotypical Black Africans, White Europids aka Caucasoid, and the phenotypical Mongoloid.

The necessity of determining race is a distinctive key component of forensic anthropology. If any one of us were to stumble upon a skeletonized corpse when taking a walk in the woods for instance, then the forensic anthropologist would determine which phenotypical traits are most apparent in the individual case to establish the deceased’s race, in order to eliminate all possibility of a false identification, and to narrow a positive future identification down to a specific population in the absence of further clues. (together with DNA and Isotope analysis, if still possible). Which can also result in accurate forensic 3-dimensional facial reconstructions to make an identification possible..

Race is not a social construct, it is a reality.

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