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Cronyism working for disingenuous goals.

What’s really going to happen is, lots of cash will exchange hands, from the public trough to private company hands, in a blue smoke and mirrors attempt to ”combat GW”, while the main aim is to get their hands on the public till. And none of this would be happening if not for the explosion of pseudo science funded by statist wealth redistributionists gaining the upper hand.

Finnish companies come together for new climate change initiative

The Climate Leadership Council, launched on Wednesday by SITRA and 6 large companies, encourages cleantech innovations and other ideas that allow businesses and individuals to be forerunners in slowing down climate change.

Tehtaan piipusta tulee savua.
The challenges of climate change present opportunities for Finnish businesses to take a leadership role. Image: Mika Moksu / Yle

SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund, and 6 Finnish companies have founded an organisation – the Climate Leadership Council – to combat climate change and help protect the environment.

The 6 companies are Neste Oil, energy companies Fortum and ST1, lift firm Kone, tech company Outotec and building lifecycle firm Caverion.

According to the founders, the best way to deal with global challenges is with sustainable practices.

Kone’s chairman of the board, Antti Herlin, sees possibilities in the challenges presented by climate change

“Finnish companies have all the prerequisites to be international leaders,” says Herlin.

One of the main goals of the organisation is to provide testing and presenting areas in the Helsinki capital region where cleantech inventions can be presented to companies.




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