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So, will lucrative deals eventually win out over moral concerns?

Minister: Companies Worried about Boycott Threats from Saudi Arabia

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs said that companies already feel the impact of Saudi threats to boycott the Netherlands. Companies are sometimes busy for months with negotiating contracts with Saudi Arabia. They now see that there are ‘hiccups’ and appointments are cancelled. They are very worried about this. When contracts do not materialize, this can have an impact on thousands of jobs.

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Kamp: unrest among companies threatening Saudi Arabia

05/22/14, 00:52 – Source: Reuters
© REUTERS. Minister Henk Kamp in a state of DSM

Companies are already some of the threat from Saudi Arabia to do business with Dutch companies. No business That left Minister Henk Kamp (Economic Affairs) Wednesday Nieuwsuur know. Companies are sometimes many months working on contracts and brands according to him that ‘hick ups’ and that agreements not continue. They’re worried about it, says Camp.

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