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To see it is to believe it, they couldn’t care less that with their help, the Saudis and rest of the oil producing Gulf can continue to fund the jihad with U.S. dollars.

Ed Begley: Washington and Hollywood are a lot a like, illusions, special effects, smoke and mirrors.

St.Elsewhere leftist environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. is up to his big nose and ears in it, and Mariel Hemingway as well and a host of other Lefty Hollywood types. Ready and willing to work with Saudi Arabia against American interests. They really do hate their own country, it’s ideology first.

NOTE: In a sane U.S. O’Keefe would already have mulitple Pulitzers.

Undercover journalist James O’Keefe released his latest video featuring a sting operation to expose Hollywood environmentalists.

The video features an undercover journalist from Project Veritas posing as “Muhammad,” a member of a Middle Eastern oil family, offering $9 million in funding to American filmmakers to fund an anti-fracking movie. He was joined by a second undercover activist posing as an ad executive.

O’Keefe entraps actor Ed Begley Jr., actress Mariel Hemingway, and director Josh Tickell, who agree to the film while promising to hide the source of the funds.

The undercover activist tells the group that “if Washington, D.C., continues fracking, America will be energy-efficient, and then they won’t need my oil anymore.”

In a phone call to Tickell, the “ad executive” states, “My client’s interest is to end American energy independence; your interest is to end fracking. And you guys understand that?”

Tickell’s response: “Correct. Yes, super clear.”

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  1. The ends justify the means. Ed Begley sells his soul for his global warming anti-fracking religion.

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