They vaporize everything in its wake.

Dramatic images show moment Syrian rebels use tunnel bomb at besieged Assad army base

Incredible footage of tunnel bombs in Syria shows buildings and towns being completely wiped out in seconds, as rebels step up their fight against the Assad regime.

Dealing death from below … the army checkpoint at Wadi Deif is blown skywards, along with its garrison.Source: AP

THIS is the moment a Syrian army base is blown into the air by rebels using their latest tactic — tunnel bombs.

The Islamist fighters said they mined a 860-metre tunnel under the Wadi Deif base, which has been holding out against the rebels for a year, filled it with 60 tonnes of explosives and let it blow.

At least 20 soldiers were killed as the bomb made the ground balloon then hurled debris and soil dozens of metres skywards.

The tunnel attack appears to be an ancient tactic brought back with a modern twist in Syria’s bloody struggle, where it has been used in other strikes. See the video above.

In medieval times and even earlier, beseiging forces would dig tunnels under enemy fortresses to collapse them; and in World War One, both Allies and Germans dug under each other’s trenches to plant enormous mines — as made famous in Australian movie Beneath Hill 60 .

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  1. One could get the impression that they are by nature moles, tunnel diggers, going back to the 1683 when they almost successfully dug tunnels under the gates of Vienna. Today they’re doing it in Israel, and now in Syria. Perhaps if we keep digging we find more substance to this theory.

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