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The West has become a joke to the world, and it’s all self inflicted.

If not for the civil society, the people responsible for these laws and policies would have had their heads on pikes ages ago.

850 foreign offenders in British jails because they can’t be deported

Tory MPs attack ‘crazy’ human rights laws after official figures show 850 foreign offenders are being held in British jails after serving sentence because authorities can’t deport them

17 per cent of inmates had drunk alcohol in custody, raising concerns about the availability of contraband.

850 foreign prisoners remain in prison after serving their sentences as they fight deportation Photo: PA

Almost 1,000 foreign prisoners are being held in British jails after the end of their sentence because authorities cannot deport them, including 10 who have been able to stay in this country for more than five years.

Many of the foreign offenders, who include rapists, paedophiles and murderers, are using human rights laws to fight against their deportation and remain in Britain at a cost to taxpayers of up to £34 million a year.

The number of foreign offenders awaiting deportation has risen by two thirds under the Coalition, from 491 to 850

It comes after David Cameron earlier this year refused to support an amendment by a Tory backbenchers to ban foreign prisoners from using article 8 of the human right act, which gives them the right to family life, to remain in the UK.

Dominic Raab, the Tory MP who tabled the amendment, said: “We need to get rid of them. It is crazy, what you are effectively seeing is a huge increase in risk because we are failing to remove people who are obviously dangerous.

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