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For you see, white people are now the poisoners of wells foreign and domestic, they are cast as the epitome of evil. To even stand up for your group is automatically deemed as an act of racism, while every other group known to humanity is celebrated, supported and force fed into the daily culture. It’s explains how it’s possible that the West is allowing itself to be erased, they (the ruling elites) are all in on it as well, as a part of their utopian re-engineering of society.

BBC sacks veteran DJ after 32 years for playing ‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’. . . because he accidentally played original version which includes the ‘N’ word

  • David Lowe, 68, gave 32 years of service to the BBC as a local broadcaster
  • But he lost his golden oldies show on Radio Devon for innocent mistake
  • Mr Lowe innocently played a 1932 version of The Sun Has Got His Hat On
  • He didn’t realise that the original version features the N-word
  • One listener complained, and Mr Lowe offered to apologise on air
  • But the BBC refused and insisted that he ‘fall on his sword’ by quitting


Sacked: David Lowe, who has 32 years' service with the BBC, lost his job for playing The Sun Has Got His Hat On

The BBC was accused of ‘appalling’ double standards last night after forcing a veteran DJ to quit after he innocently played an old version of The Sun Has Got His Hat On which featured the ‘N’ word.

David Lowe was ordered by bosses to ‘fall on your sword’ – even though Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson kept his job when he appeared to mumble exactly the same racist term.

Mr Lowe lost his job after playing a 1932 version of the song, performed by Ambrose & His Orchestra, on his Sunday night golden oldies show on BBC Radio Devon.

Unknown to Mr Lowe, a popular presenter who has spent 32 years with the BBC, the second
verse features the line: ‘He’s been tanning n****** out in Timbuktu, now he’s coming back to do the same to you.’

The BBC took action after just one listener complained to say he was ‘horrified’ by what he heard.

But last night the Corporation faced a storm of protest over its treatment of the 68-year-old host, who had immediately offered to apologise on air when he realised his ‘genuine error’.

Friends and colleagues rallied to his support, while fans used Twitter to express their incredulity.

Roy Corlett, Mr Lowe’s former boss at BBC Radio Devon, said: ‘To end David’s career in this way when Clarkson was given a rap on the knuckles is absolutely appalling. It is an outrageous way to treat a loyal and distinguished employee. You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer man.’

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