Another reason as to why academics are viewed with deep suspicion.

This is yet another look-down-your-nose criticism by academics of common sense held views by the average Finn. As an immigrant to Finland, I do not claim ”to be Finnish”, I have Finnish citizenship, but that status does not reconfigure my genome. My children have a Finnish mother, so they are in fact partly Finnish, but most importantly, they partake of Finnish society in every way, and speak the language.

Researchers primarily interviewed seconday school students (aged 16 – 18) for their views on what it takes to be considered Finnish

NOTE: All this shows is that 16-18 year olds have more head sense that these academics.

What makes you Finnish? University study finds narrow views on nationality

A fresh study by the University of Eastern Finland has found a surprisingly narrow definition of who is Finnish among young people. The research report indicates that even Finnish Roma are caught up in the xenophobic view.

Lieksan siistiytynyt katukuva.jpg
Researchers primarily interviewed seconday school students (aged 16 – 18) for their views on what it takes to be considered Finnish. Image: Yle / Tapio Laakkonen

What does it take to be considered Finnish in Finland? According to a new study released by the University of Eastern Finland, if you were born in Finland, have at least one parent resident in Finland and most importantly, if you speak Finnish – or Swedish – then you can join the exclusive club.

These definitions of who can be considered Finnish were found to be the norm among young people interviewed for a study in eastern Finland. Researchers mapped responses to the issue in two different areas, Lieksa and Nurmes, both in Kuopio.

University researcher Kari Saari said he was taken by surprise over the widespread support for the attitude. He said the limited perspective reflects the perception of what it takes to be considered “the real deal”.

“Authentic citizens are seen to have first dibs on social welfare services, while the rest are defined by their limited right to social safety and welfare services,” Saari explained.

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