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Yes, again.

Jewish people have switched from Labour to Conservative as they have got richer over the past half century, says former London Mayor

British Parliament Investigates Candidate Intimidation; Conservative MP Says Life Threatened, Called ‘Dirty Jew’

MAY 8, 2014 10:35 AM

British Conservative Party MP Lee Scott, a Jew targeted by anti-Semites. Photo: Conservative Party.

British Conservative MP Lee Scott told a parliamentary panel at Westminster Hall that he has endured anti-Semitic abuse and death threats since the UK’s 2010 general election, the BBC reported on Thursday.

Scott was speaking at a panel that was investigating intimidation suffered by candidates across the country. In his case, leaflets had also been circulated in his constituency of Ilford North describing Scott, a Jew, as an “enemy of Islam.”

Scott said, “At the 2010 general election, I remember it very clearly, on a Friday, I was walking back to my car when two gentlemen – I use the word very loosely – approached me, called me a dirty Jew, and said they were going to kill me.”

“I thought that was a little extreme. Not voting for me would have sufficed. What I normally do when I’m particularly scared is use humor. I said: ‘I’ll put you down as a ‘possible’. You haven’t decided how you’re voting yet, have you?’”

“They were as shocked by that as I was, and we both ran off in separate directions.”

But later that night, Scott told MPs on the panel that he cried for the first time in 25 years; the last time was at the birth of his child.

He continued: “That was some four years ago, so you’d have thought that it would all have died down. But sadly it hasn’t. I still regularly get emails saying I should be stoned to death, I’m not quite sure why, but nonetheless I get them.”

“Also, after speaking in January at the Holocaust Memorial debate that we had in the chamber, I received a letter calling me a ‘dirty Jew’ and saying again I should be killed for speaking up against people killing Jews,” Scott said.

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