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If you care not to consume flesh in which the animal was brutally treated, as well as inhaling its own blood mixed with fecal matter, I would assume that you would be against halal. It just isn’t kosher.

Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders call for clear labelling on food packaging amid claims shoppers are being “duped” by being sold halal meat without their knowledge

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Millions are eating halal without knowing it: How big brand shops and restaurants sell ritually slaughtered meat – but DON’T label it


The switch to slaughtering animals in line with Islamic ritual saves money because the end product can be eaten by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. More than 70 per cent of all New Zealand lamb in supermarkets is from halal abattoirs – a fact not stated on labelling. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer all confirmed yesterday they sell the imported meat.

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  1. Re: “halal, it’s just not kosher” linked above

    ” This is the big question: if the global counter Jihad movement wants to oppose the spread of Islam and Sharia into the lives of non Muslims, is it necessary to get involved in the details of animal treatment or is it enough to realise the drive for halal food and its encroachment into public life is the real problem?”

    Controlling the supply of food, based on halal certification for the general public should be a considerable concern. There is no compromise in Islam anywhere it is found encroaching the West. Why would halal food certification be any different?
    To be truely ‘halal’ would require employment in this industry limited to muhammedans. All others (rejecting muhammedism) are deemed ‘kafir’ and whose handling of consumables would prevent ‘halal’ certification. Transport of halal consumables would require similar employment limited to muhammedans for same reasons. etc.
    Get where this all ends up? It is all designed to set up the kafir as submissive to shariah. . .certainly not in the least bit beneficial to global kafir.

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