Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finland



First of all, it’s too early to tell whether there is any actual steam behind the press release, secondly, it’s also worth noting that the YLE journalist chose to describe the Israeli settlements as being within the Disputed Territories, instead of the usual anti-Israel pejorative, ”occupied territories”.

NOTE: If they proceed with the BDS driven initiative, it would be great if any American city doing business with Finland, to weigh further relations with it, due to its anti-Israel policies.

Helsinki ponders boycotting Veolia bus services over Israeli settlement operations

The Helsinki city council has been reevaluating its relationship with the bus transportation company Veolia. The council is looking at the ethical implications of Veolia’s parent company’s operations in Israeli settlements.

Veolian busseja rivissä varikolla.
Image: Yle

City Councillor Yrjö Hakanen tabled a motion calling on the city to freeze the bus company Veolia out of bidding for providing services because of its operations in the occupied Palestinian territories. City authorities have since begun to review the ethical implications of their public procurements.

Veolia Transport Finland is a subsidiary of the international Veolia Environment Group.

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