I’ve been to Malmö, and seen the police’s frustration with Muslim gangs upfront.

Police Chief Karlsson says that police are regularly attacked.
‘- Many young people express contempt and hatred of the police. On evenings and weekends, we are much more alert. Among our precautions is bringing with us an extra car. This is to be able to assit each other, quickly intervene, and quickly leave the area before the youths surround us,’ he explains.
Swedish police: Ghettos are constant on the border to violent riots, police seeks help from Muslim vigilantes, police afraid of violent “youths”…

(Swedish police in trouble…)

The fact that the police seeks assistance from the local mosque to control the streets is a very, very bad sign. This means that the police is not able to enforce the law and has to ask the sharia-guys for help – because the Muslim “youths” do not obey non-Islamic authorities. The police has completely lost its power in these areas, that will of course explode more and more often. Sweden is a couple of years ahead of most of Europe. Here is your future:

“Almost a year has passed since youths in Stockholm’s immigrant neighborhoods set fire to cars, threw stones and made extensive vandalism. Now trust between youth and police is more frayed than ever.

‘- We are constantly on the border of new riots,’ says Jörgen Karlsson, police chief in Kista.

Here and in the rest of Stockholm’s immigrant neighborhoods, Rinkeby, Husby and Tenstam robbery, burglary and vandalism has increased sharply in recent weeks.

Drug crime is high and children as young as age 12, both sell and use drugs.

People who live here say they do not  feel unsafe after dark. The situation is at breaking point.
Almost a year has passed since a man was shot by police in Husby in May last year, sparking extreme riots in Stockholm’s immigrant neighborhoods.
Over several days hundreds of youths torched parked cars, threw stones at the police and made extensive vandalism.

Ibrahim Bouraleh, one of the volunteers from the local mosque, has intensified patrolling at night in hopes of keeping youth from crime.

‘- All the signs we saw last your prior to the riots are here again. You have the feeling it can happen again,’ he fears.

The government promised last year to help, but the biggest intervention in everyday life so far, is the construction of a major police station.

Now, 50 additional police officers have brought out to the neighborhoods.

In the evenings there is little people out in the streets in the ghettos.

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sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

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  1. When you let garbage into your country , you have to put up with the stench. Sweden and other countries are now reaping the ‘benefits’ of this ‘save the world touchy feely bleeding heart liberalism’.

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