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The dissolving of national borders has been the aim from the git go.

The EU ”masterminds and geniuses” do not trust the civil societies of Europe, they want to ramrod their version of how society is to be comprised and will not take no for an answer. Socialist engineering run amok. First it was the communists, then the Nazis, now it’s the social democrats taking their turn in trying to build ”the new man”.

NOTE: The irony is that they’re using monoculture Islam as one of the means in changing society, and it’s something that they’ll never be able to control, without using brute force.


Václav Klaus on immigration as a weapon of the EU

In a wide range of interview, which was leading the former Czech President Václav Klaus to the WORLD WEEK, he also addresses the uncontrolled immigration into the EU. This is intentional by the EU to resolve the nation-states to bring the boundaries disappear and to promote their own dictatorship. Just as it is. Asylum, welcome Lampedusa refugees, Turkey accession and so on, all of which are no coincidences. The EU wants to be rid of Germany and the other countries of Europe and Brussels as the capital! Everything else is just lies and propaganda. Small excerpt:

What worries you most currently in the EU?

The deteriorating economic data, the decreasing respect in the rest of the world, followed by Europe, the accelerated deepening of democratic deficits and increasing frustration in much of the European population gain little political attention. That makes me nervous. Europe is a post-democratic and post-political establishment. This can be seen also in the EU’s handling of the Swiss referendum on immigration., The EU leaders want to impose on us a continental thinking. You want to suppress the nation state and national borders dissolve. In order to weaken the cohesion of the nations today, they propagate a massive and unrestricted migration.

The EU considers the movement of persons as one of its fundamental freedoms – that would have you as a liberal, so be nice.

One must distinguish between the “freedoms” that promises us the EU, and of freedom as a political and cultural value, for which I, as a liberal fight. Migration movements across the borders of sovereign countries across that were radically increased in recent decades, undermine, systematically, to which the EU developed the cohesion and the governability of countries. Weakening of the individual states could easily amount to an anti-liberal development, namely because it will strengthen the European super-state itself. But the EU is less democratic than any one of its Member States. I never considered immigrating to any country than my right. Fact that the Swiss want to retain control over the extent of immigration, is understandable. I have the referendum not be taken as an absolute no to migration, but as a message: “., Let us make the immigration careful and slow”

The EU must be fought vigorously!

H/T: Nicolai Sennels Via Politically Incorrect

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  1. Mr. Klaus is right on the money with his statement. However few will heed his dire warning.

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