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UGLY EUROPE 2.5.2014…….

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Police use water cannons against demonstrators

1st May in BerlinMay Demo escalated in Metro Station

In Berlin and Hamburg, there are at demonstrations on May 1, clashes with the police. The officers put in Hamburg a water cannon. In Berlin, there are the first arrests of troublemakers.

Source: The World Against war, crisis and capital: Around 20,000 people took part in the Revolutionary May 1st demonstration in Berlin. Shortly after the end of the rally it comes to escalation.

They wave flags and hold banners high. Mass-left demonstrators met in Berlin-Kreuzberg to loudly protest against war, crisis and capital also in this May 1. Individual Bengalo-fire blaze at nightfall on, popping firecrackers, flying bottles. The atmosphere is tense. Nevertheless, the “Revolutionary May 1st demonstration” in the capital severe outbreaks of violence and rioting like years ago staying out first.

Thousands of police in heavy gear accompany some 20,000 people through the Kreuzberg district, a helicopter followed the scenario on the streets. Again and again it comes to wrangling – especially with men wearing black hoodies and sunglasses.

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