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Dutch Foreign Minister Quizzed Over Matters Raised By ICLA Victims of Sharia Project

By  • on May 1, 2014

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hague

The Dutch Foreign Minister has been questioned about matters raised by the article that appeared on this site on 29 April.  The article Paul Weston – Victim of Sharia: Arrested For Quoting Winston Churchill inspired questions from Geert Wilders and Raymond de Roon of the Party for Freedom (PVV).  It related to the treatment of British politician Paul Weston who was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill in the increasingly free speech averse United Kingdom.

We welcome such interest in our Victims of Sharia Action Network, a project that we established to monitor such human rights abuses.  We encourage other political parties across Europe and the wider world to raise these issues that are of profound concern to those who value freedom, including in the increasingly repressive Western world.

A translation of the reference to our article appears on the Gates of Vienna website:

PVV questions Dutch Foreign Minister about arrest of British politician

Today, Dutch parliamentarians Geert Wilders and Raymond de Roon (both PVV) asked the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans, a number of questions about the arrest of British politician Paul Weston. You can read the questions below:

Parliamentary questions of MPs Raymond de Roon and Geert Wilders (both PVV) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the arrest of a British politician for quoting Winston Churchill:

Are you familiar with the articles “Paul Weston — Victim of Sharia: Arrested For Quoting Winston Churchill” and “Arrested for quoting Winston Churchill: European election candidate accused of religious and racial harassment after he repeats wartime prime minister’s words on Islam during campaign speech”?

Do you share our opinion that the arrest of the politician Paul Weston is a gross violation of freedom of expression and an example of dhimmi behavior? If not, why not?

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