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Yet another good reason not to let these jihadis back into Europe, and if captured, sent to GITMO, to be baptized through waterboarding.

Would-be assassin of Lars Hedegaard may have been holy warrior in Syria

Would-be assassin of Lars Hedegaard may have been holy warrior in Syria
“Danska” Jihadister

A 26-year-old Lebanese man accused of an attempt on the life of Danish journalist and Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard in February 2013 was arrested in Turkey five days ago. According to press reports, he is connected with extremist Islamic circles in Denmark and Sweden and has probably taken part in the fighting in Syria.

The Copenhagen police were tight-lipped at Sunday’s press conference when they announced that they had succeeded in catching the man believed responsible for the attempt on the life of Dispatch International editor Lars Hedegaard on February 5, 2013. The man, known as the ”postman”, was arrested in Istanbul on Friday, April 25 and incarcerated in a Turkish high-security prison awaiting extradition to Denmark.

The police have been largely unwilling to show their hand – probably because the investigation is still ongoing. Hans Erik Raben, daily leader of the Copenhagen murder squad, tells Dispatch Internationalthat there is still work to be done but that the police are convinced they have their man.

Among the few details revealed by the Danish police is that the suspect is 26 and a Danish citizen of Lebanese – which probably means Palestinian – extraction. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of a fake passport. It has also come to light that he left Denmark on the very day the assassination attempt took place and that he has since been traveling between Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

On April 28 the Copenhagen daily Politiken reported that the ”postman” – so-called because he was dressed up in a Danish postal jacket when trying to shoot Lars Hedegaard in front of his home – has connections to Islamist extremists in both Denmark and Sweden. That may explain why the police have conducted nine searches at locations in Denmark and two abroad. Politiken believes that they have taken place in Sweden and Turkey.

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