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Strange as it may seem, it should be a policy for Western states as well.

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Inform on your neighbour if he grows a big beard says China

Chinese authorities are offering rewards for people who tip off anti-terrorist police about individuals who may act suspiciously

Uighur men gather at a bazaar to sell their live sheeps in Hotan, in China's Xinjiang region

Among the mainly Muslim Uighur ethnic minority beards are a religious and cultural tradition Photo: AFP

Authorities in China’s restive Xinjiang region are offering cash to informants who report on neighbours with excessive facial hair, state media has reported.

Officials in Shaya county issued a notice offering rewards ranging from 50 to more than 50,000 yuan ($8 to $8,000) for a wide array of information including tips on those growing beards, the Global Times said on Thursday.

Xinjiang has been hit by periodic deadly clashes between authorities and members of the mainly Muslim Uighur ethnic minority, among whom beards are a religious and cultural tradition.

China has blamed the violence on separatists with ties to foreign terrorist groups, while rights groups say authorities exaggerate the threat to justify religious and cultural restrictions on Uighurs.

Financial rewards on offer in Shaya also cover information on locals “conducting illegal religious activities”, the Global Times said, without giving further details.

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