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Cabbies lose licences in crackdown after sex grooming case

Six taxi drivers have had their licences torn up in a council clamp-down called in the wake of the town’s grooming scandal.

Rochdale council say they have adopted a ‘robust’ approach to protecting ‘vulnerable members of the community’ from rogue cabbies after nine men were jailed for 77 years in 2012 for a string of sexual abuse against youngsters in Heywood .

Five of those who were convicted of child sex offences were private hire drivers who drove their young victims around in their licenced cabs.

Since then, council bosses who issue licences to private and public hire cabs, say that they have overhauled the way they assess new and existing drivers to see if they are ‘fit and proper’ to be on the road.

That has resulted in six drivers losing their licences after they were judged to pose a potential risk to the public either because they had an existing criminal conviction or because the council believed there was a ‘reasonable cause’ to question their suitability to be a cabbie.

More here. H/T: EDL Buck

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