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What the Finnish political elite (consensus driven) and its lap-dog media refuse to publish, let alone investigate. They simply refuse to be EU (and UN) critical. Having ”their guy”, Olli Rehn, (prime candidate for an orange jumpsuit) at the helm of one commission after the other, is a sense of pride, even if the doofus has been responsible for one economic disaster after the other.

Finns: He (Olli Rehn) may be a disaster, but he’s our home boy!


I am occasionally asked for news of my former sparring partner, Amadeu Altafaj Tardio, the European Commission official who is perhaps better known to some viewers of Newsnight as “the idiot in Brussels”.

BBC viewers will be happy to hear that Mr Altafaj Tardio has prospered in the two years since I repeatedly insulted him on the airwaves, leading to him dramatically stripping off his microphone and marching out of the studio (a Newsnight producer frog-marched me out very shortly afterwards).

Mr Altafaj Tardio is no longer a mere Brussels media spokesman. Today he wields real power as deputy chef de cabinet for Olli Rehn, a vice-president of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs.

I am told that Mr Altafaj Tardio is well regarded and that further promotions may beckon. He is paid a salary of an estimated €140,000 a year, doubtless along with generous allowances. And there is no danger at all that next month’s European elections will cause him to be thrown out of his job. In short, Mr Altafaj Tardio is one of the many people in Brussels who hold power, but are in no meaningful way accountable for the appalling social and economic degradation that has been inflicted across much of southern Europe over the past few years.

In addition, I am occasionally asked a second question about Mr Altafaj Tardio: do I regret calling him an idiot live on air? In retrospect, I think I probably do. To call somebody an idiot is to imply that they are in some way mentally incapable, and therefore not morally responsible for their actions. I have received several assurances from interested parties that Mr Altafaj Tardio is an intelligent and well-educated man. It is therefore reasonable to assume that he understands precisely what he is doing – and the terrible damage he is causing – yet carries on regardless.

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