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It doesn’t look good.

5. Cultural relativism
Now that thanks to the late Woy Jenkins (currently being boiled eternally in Hell in a vast vat of grand cru claret while little devils whisper in Welsh in his ear how frightfully common he is) we’re all multiculturalists who celebrate diversity at every opportunity, we’re no longer allowed to privilege our established national religion as being in any way more special than all the others (Gaia-worship; Wicca; Islam; etc). Indeed we find even admitting that we’re a Christian country almost embarrassing, which is why when our kids today haven’t a clue about the five loaves and two fishes or the wedding at Cana, but can tell you everything you need to know about Eid or Diwali. So politically correct and pusillanimous is religious teaching in schools these days that my niece, at her largely white school, was taught in her classes that whenever she mentioned the name Mohammed she must follow it with the phrase Peace Be Upon Him. And when I mentioned this in The Spectator, her vindictive headmaster actually singled her out for embarrassment in her school assembly by commenting: “You can’t choose your family, eh?”


You read yesterday’s “Oxford councillor thinks Passion play means sex show,” story. Christianity, it’s clear, is doomed in Britain – and here are a few reasons why.

1. The Prince of Wales

He’s the future Supreme Governor of the Church of England – a title the reigning monarch has held since the days of Henry VIII. But Prince Charles, who has always fancied himself a bit of an ecumenical mystic and likes nothing better than hanging about in Laurens Van Der Post desert type scenarios eating sheep’s eyeballs in Bedouin tents, is clearly a bit squeamish about being seen as an overtly Christian king. That’s why he has expressed the desire to change another of the monarch’s titles “Defender of the Faith” (as granted to Henry VIII by Pope Leo X in 1521) to the more politically correct “Defender of Faith.” If the future head of our Church wont defend our faith, who will?

2. The Church Commissioners

Bizarrely, they include David Cameron, Sajid Javid and irascible dwarf-impersonator John Bercow – and the problem is they run the Church like cheeseparing accountants who really don’t like the old traditions, or indeed religion, very much. Where they lost my vote completely was in their disgraceful behaviour towards the Bishop of Bath and Wells – who they decided shouldn’t live in the splendid Bishop’s Palace at Wells Cathedral, claiming the accommodation was “unsuitable.” What is the point of any ambitious person joining the clergy if, even when you get near the top, you are expected to live like a junior bank clerk.

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