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Just peachy keen.

The US destroys Imperial Japan and its fanatical Shintoism, only to see fanatical Islam to creep in the back door.

Sheik Yer’Mami (PBUH) tells me: 

I see Japanese (and Korean) converts as extremely dangerous… fanaticism is in their DNA. You must have heard of Aum Shinrikiyo? There are many crazy sects, some quite powerful, like Soka Gakkai. But Aum was the guy who had his own crematorium and gassed people in the subways.

Also in the sixties and seventies they had a RAF kind of revolutionary army, similar to the Bader Meinhof gang in Germany who terrorised the country, teamed up with ME terrorists and hijacked airplanes. some of them found refuge in North Korea, others remained in the ME, in Iraq and in Syria, LOL!

The Japanese translator of “The Satanic Verses,” by Salman Rushdie, Hitoshi Igarashi, a convert to Islam, was quickly eliminated 1991, the killer was never caught.

There are currently between 30 and 40 single-story mosques in Japan, plus another 100 or more apartment rooms set aside, in the absence of more suitable facilities, for prayers. Many Muslim communities have plans to build mosques in the near future.

Japanese airports becoming ‘Islam-friendly’ to cater to growing Muslim tourism 

Narita, Osaka and Kyoto airports are gradually adapting to accommodate Muslims. ‘Silence rooms are turned into prayer rooms. Airport lavatories now include special taps for Muslim ritual washing. Restaurants go ‘halal’.

Tokyo (AsiaNews) – Because of rising tourism from Muslim countries, Japanese airports have are gradually adapting to cater to Muslim visitors.

Existing ‘silence’ rooms have been turned into prayer rooms. Bathrooms now feature taps for Muslim ritual washing and airport restaurants are asking patrons not to drink alcohol when sitting next to Muslims.

Statistics released in January by the Japan National Tourist Organisation show that the number of tourists from Malaysia surged to 28,500 in December 2013, up 65.5 per cent from the previous year. Indonesian visitors were up 27.3 per cent, whilst those from the Gulf rose by 50 per cent.

Motivated by growing requests (and complaints) by Muslim travellers, Narita (Chiba prefecture), Kyoto and Osaka airports have begun implementing changes.

Under Islamic dietary guidelines, Muslims are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol and pork – two prominent examples of non-halal ingredients – as well as any of their derivatives.

Animal-based foods must been slaughtered or otherwise prepared using methods based on Islamic scripture, and cannot be touched by culinary utensils used to prepare pork.

More here. H/T: Baron Bodissey

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