They really throw the true ethnicity of the man under the bus, he’s an ethnic Somali national with Swedish citizenship.

Swede held in Kenya terror group case

Swede held in Kenya terror group case

Al-Shabab fighters in Somalia. Photo: TT

Published: 05 Apr 2014 09:04 GMT+02:00

A Swedish man has been arrested in Kenya on suspicion of trying to recruit young men for Islamist terrorist group Al-Shabab.

The man was reportedly arrested on March 28th in the city Kapsowar in the Rift Valley province in western Kenya.

“The man is Swedish and he’s now been taken to Nairobi. There are no more details to give at this time,” More details I can not give right now , said Arthur Osiya at Nairobi police to Sveriges Television (SVT).

According to SVT a security source said that the Swede is of Somali origin.

According to the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) some 30 people since 2006 have travelled from Sweden to Somalia to take part in pro-Islamist activities.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry was on Friday unable to confirm details of the arrest. The Swedish embassy in Nairobi has not been informed about the man’s identity or nationality, and in view of the fact that it is now the weekend, it remained unclear when this information would be forthcoming.

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