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She wore a double shirt tank top, yet the owners, or staff at the Dearborn (heavily Muslim infiltrated area) Waterford Township (H/T Dann Todd) gym felt offended.

Note the lack of inquisitiveness by the journalist about the owners of the franchise, who are they that even a tank top causes ‘offence’.

H/T: Ram Lubranicki

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Allison Roth went to her gym regularly to work out and stay in shape, but after a recent controversial decision by Planet Fitness, she canceled her membership and began looking for other options.

Roth was told by Planet Fitness that her outfit was inappropriate for the gym and was making other customers uncomfortable. Roth took offense to the gym telling her to cover up or go home and chose to leave and cancel her membership.

Other gym goers claim they’re aware of the dress code policy but also claim they’ve seen women scantily clad at the “judgement free” gym.

“This obviously is not a judgment free zone…and I’d like to spend my money elsewhere,” said Roth. “It’s the motto of their gym, I don’t know why they don’t follow it.”

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2 Responses

  1. PART ONE……

    Hello there…….its me again……..Don Laird…..

    Of course this is Muslim sensibilities in play, didn’t you get a look at the males they interviewed.

    We are long overdue for a banning of Muslims and persons dressed in Muslim/Islamic attire from all establishments.

    Now, what follows, some may argue is provocative, boorish, or crass, or unacceptable and level shrill accusations that in the war against Islam, and make no mistake, it is a war, we must be at all times cordial, civil, polite and always give way to the party, the Muslim or its useful idiots, that decide to push the hardest.

    To that I call BULLSHIT.

    We are in our current predicament specifically because we have been spineless and all to willing to grant the Muslim whatever it desires regardless of how injurious, how demeaning, how outrageous, how hostile, how unlawful, how insulting, how aggressive or how violent that Muslim is.

    Further, there are those, again, the Muslim and its useful idiots, or in some cases the genuinely uninformed, who quickly point out the red herring that looms large; The Good Muslim.

    To that I simply say, consider the trials of the Toronto 18, the trial of Mohammad Shafia, the trial of Muhammad Parvez, the trial of Peer Khairi and the many others that have been commonplace in Europe and North America. Consider that these are crimes of breathtaking savagery and murderous psychopathic intent. Consider that the bruised sensibilities of the Muslim and the dictates of Islam are at the heart of each of of these crimes. Then consider the Muslim and its reaction to these trials.

    At every one of these trials not one, not one single lone outraged Muslim stood outside these trials carrying a large sign, screaming its outrage at the nature of the crime and demanding that the perpetrators be tried, convicted, a harsh and withering sentence served and then deported, stripped of assets, to the Islamic country of the criminal’s choice.

    Not one. Not one single “Good Muslim”. Not one.

    However, in stark contrast, as in our own Toronto, Ontario, a single cartoon draws over 2500 Muslims screaming into the streets harassing passersby, blocking roads, committing vandalism, intimidation and assault and all whilst openly calling for murder, mayhem, terrorism, and a wide range of other assorted criminal and vigilante actions to assuage their “honour”.

    Never, ever, in light of the ridiculously stark contrast between the “Good Muslim” and its ignorance and excusing of high treason, mass murder and its embracing of the same to punish cartoonists does our collective media or elected representatives point out the obvious that the elusive “Good Muslim” is a fraud, a myth, a red herring designed to quiet argument or quell backlash.

    In light of that “Good Muslim” and its deafening silence and conspicuous absence, the time is long overdue to stop being dragged into ridiculous arguments and to simply recognize that there is only one brand of Muslim and its presence is highly offensive and injurious to the legitimate members of a civilized and democratic society and culture.

    The time is long overdue to follow the logical and reasonable course below.


    Personally, I refuse to be served by anyone, and I do mean anyone, wearing Islamic attire. Further, I will come right out and ask if the person is Muslim and if they are I won’t make a purchase there nor will I be served and or I will move to different section.

    I have no difficulty whatsoever in very loudly asking a Muslim woman if she still has a clitoris or if she is looking forward to the sound ass-kicking she is going to get from her husband or son when she arrives home.

    I have no difficulty if a Muslim male is with his Muslim female asking if he has given her a good beating lately to please Allah and Muhammad.

    I have no difficulty asking a Muslim male or female with young children in tow if they have mutilated their daughters vagina or if they have sodomized their sons or if they have allowed, as per usual, the local Imam or Mullah to rape and molest their children.

    If I am in a government office or another corporate establishment I refuse to deal with Muslims, at all, in fact going to the point of refusing to speak to them. On numerous occasions I have been asked by their supervisors why I refuse to deal with the Muslim and I explain the Muslim nature in relation to violence, propensity for criminal behavior, their ownership of women, their love of pedophilia and the violent acts of genital mutilation. Many supervisors agree with me and are quick to help with an alternative solution.

    I have routinely been in bank or restaurant line-ups and refuse to step forward to be served by the Muslim, I just step aside and very loudly say, “I don’t like Muslims or their hatred, violence or their sexual molestation of toddlers” On more occasions than I can remember, the persons behind me refuse to step forward and be served and even the Muslim’s coworkers smile and nod.

    I also do not take any taxis with Muslim drivers, I simply refuse. If you are at the airport you can call a non-Muslim taxi and they can come and pick you up. If you or your company uses a taxi service in a city, simply take the time find several non-Muslim drivers and get their cell numbers and then give them a bit of notice and they are usually very happy to come and pick you up, its more business for them.

    All of this is done, while very loudly, in a manner that is articulate, non-threatening and with an absence of profanity. The overall effect is devastatingly effective.

    In dealing with a Muslim’s co-workers, I further explain the danger they face as co-workers and as employers and the massive number of lawsuit and legal actions that the Muslim has launched against coworkers and employers in an effort to gain an upper hand and or win a large cash reward.

    The effect of these conversations is invariably shock and disbelief to which I spend some time with these persons in their offices going over the content of websites like this one. Many women who work with the Muslim male are borderline terrified when I show them the way the Muslim male feels about them and when given the opportunity, what they routinely do to non-Muslim females.

    One of the best examples of that is showing women the number of the Muslim that have raped and sodomized little toddlers. Further to that we discuss the Muslim Pedo-Gangs and Muslim Rape-Gangs that exist across Europe and are now exploding in North America. The result is the person(s) are absolutely stunned and horrified and they go on to pass this same information along to family, friends and other coworkers.

    I have taken many an employer into his or her office and shown them in a matter of an hour or so how to determine whether a man or woman is a Muslim. I instruct them on a procedure that is quite effective and allows them to identify even the Muslim’s family members and I am directly responsible for hundreds, if not thousands of the Muslim being denied positions of employment with very large and high profile companies. The Muslim and its love of violence and sexual deviance make my job quite easy.

    The effect of all of that is a very quick education into the vicious, conniving, manipulative, domineering and supremacist nature of the Muslim. I have been doing this for quite sometime now and even the assertion regarding the “Good Muslim” is easily defeated, as illustrated above, in less than about 5 minutes.

    We then discuss the nature of the horrific sexual deviance, (a matter of well and prolific documented historical record), of the lunatic false prophet Muhammad and his practices such as sucking little male toddlers tongues, his thighing little boys and girls, his love of sodomizing children and many, many other Muslim practices. History, the Koran and the Hadith provide me with all the ammunition I need to turn questioning people away from the Muslim. Its quite easy really.

    The effect, with respect to the isolation of the Muslim is pleasingly contagious as I watch persons who observe my actions do the very same thing.

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