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And I would assume at tenth of the cost of Iron Dome rockets.

Israel’s ‘Iron Beam’ laser defense system ‘brings down mortars like flies’

US laser weapon technology

‘Iron Beam’ by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems company is designed for threats too small to be dealt with by Iron Dome anti-missiles defense system.

A new air defense system being developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which uses lasers to shoot down low altitude threats, is able to bring down “mortars like flies,” Rafael’s CEO told the Israel Defense website on Wednesday.

US laser weapon technology – Photo: US Navy Illustration

Vice Admiral (Ret.) Yedidia Yaari, former chief of the Israel Navy, said the Iron Beam system will be “very effective” once it becomes operational.

Israel Defense cited Yaari as saying that that Iron Beam successfully passed a feasibility test, and is currently in development stages.

Iron Beam fires lasers at mortar shells, and has proven a high rate of accuracy, Yaari said, describing the system as “highly impressive.” It was first unveiled formally by state-owned Rafael during the Singapore Air Show last month.

The system is designed to deal with threats that fly on too small a trajectory to be engaged efficiently by Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries.

More here. H/T: Phillip Pasmanick via ISRAELI FRONTLINE

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