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You bet they are.

The big new story would be if someone found conclusive evidence of the exact opposite.

Is Pakistan aiding Syrian rebels?

Pakistan denies claims it is arming Syrian rebels at Saudi Arabia’s behest. Experts, however, say Islamabad is not only providing military equipment to anti-Assad groups, it’s also helping jihadists to go fight in Syria.

Terrorcamp in Syrien

Pakistani and international media have reported about Pakistan-based Wahhabi militant groups, including al Qaeda and the Taliban, sending their members to Syria to fight against President Bashar Assad’s forces. Some observers claim these fighters are also getting some kind of state support.

Despite the Pakistani government’s categorical denial of any involvement in the Syrian conflict, the Islamic Republic’s opposition parties, including the main opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) led by former President Asif Ali Zardari, have challenged Islamabad’s claims. A number of political experts in Pakistan also disagree with the government’s stance that it did not get itself involved in the violent Syrian conflict on Saudi Arabia’s request.

“We strongly reject the media speculation that Pakistan has changed its position on Syria or is supplying arms to Syrian rebels directly or indirectly. These impressions are totally baseless and misleading,” Sartaj Aziz, an advisor to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on national security and foreign affairs, recently told the country’s parliament.

The discussion about whether or not the Pakistani government armed the Syrian rebels commenced after the Saudi Crown Prince, Salman bin Abdulaziz, travelled to Pakistan last month.

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