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Gordon has a plan, more western money down the piss pot.

Yet another opportunity to waste the taxpayers hard earned money on throw-away projects that do not take into consideration the reality of the region, and of course the UN & EU are in on it as well. Fact I: child marriages are inherent to Islamic ideology. Fact II. to say that they are wrong, is to automatically earn the label of ”Islamofauxbe”.

NOTE: This is the same moron who said ”don’t call terrorists Muslims” and who shook hands with jihadis in a Saudi ”self-help” correction facility, who more than likely upon release went back into the jihad.

  • How do you spell buffoon? G-O-R-D-O-N-B-R-O-W-N

Gordon Brown: Create Pakistan child marriage-free zones

Gordon Brown: “There are seven million who are not going to school – this is completely unacceptable.”

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has announced that “child marriage-free zones” are to be set up in Pakistan.

Mr Brown, the UN’s special envoy on global education, said the practice of forcing girls into marriage is “not acceptable in the modern world”.

“It deprives a girl of her education and her childhood,” he told the BBC.

Speaking on a visit to Islamabad, he revealed the UN is giving $10m (£6m), and the EU 100m euros (£83m), to get more Pakistani children into education.

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  1. Gordon Brown: “There are seven million who are not going to school – this is completely unacceptable.”…”Create Pakistan child marriage-free zones”

    Thus, in his twisted mind, consequent “child marriage/ignorance zones remain quite acceptable, if not ‘fair’. Who said ignorance is limtited to third world countries. Gordon Brown illustrates the ignorance of contemporary high education.

  2. Pakiland is without doubt one of the world’s biggest failures.
    Some of the citizens are well aware of the poisonous nature of Islam and Sharia; but any voiced opposition is likely to result in murder.
    The nausea of political correctness stifles any criticism ; despite the information voiced on a website like this.

  3. I have an idea, it’ll save the West time, money, and energy. It’s brilliant in its utter simplicity and if successful, should be applied to other nearby countries like Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Stay the hell away from Pakistan. Stop throwing money at it. Stop inviting its excess population into our countries. Stop pretending its some grand ally of ours. Leave it to wallow in its own filth and if it decides to join the rest of us in the 21st century, then maybe we can talk.

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