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Vlad explains it succinctly:

(This is very important. The video in this story is, as the expression goes, ‘The damnedest of lies’, meaning of course a lie with just enough truth in it to be effective, and hence pernicious. The original story we posted here some days ago, had the father stating clearly that his daughter was involved with a non-muslim and therefore he needed to attack her and possibly kill her for it. Now they have massaged the islamic angle totally out of the story, slipping in some details of the truth while interjecting aspects of it that anyone might think is motive for anger. “cultural differences, honour changes to husband” and other total bits of informational sight of hand to take the islam, the real motive for all of this, out of the story. Both the video and the article here have been sanitized. Here is the link to the article from Monday this week. It appears that link has been sanitized as well)

Here is the original report, now removed from Youtube and CTV:

Now watch this video in the link after the sanitizers got a hold of it.

Saudi man ordered to leave Canada after choking, threatening daughter

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