A combination of pilot kidnapping and Malaysian airline, and state malfeasance.

Thanks to Vlad for this, he sent it my way during the night, it helps to cut through the thick fog (which I’ve avoided reporting on till now, I respect my readers) and sounds very plausible. If you want to cut through the debunking of the conspiracies section and get to the nub of the article, scroll to the bottom of the article.


“Alright, Goodnight” – Does Malaysia Want To Know What Happened To Flight MH-370?

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  1. MH370 spent 23 minutes above maximum altitude, may have caused hypoxia, says expert

    ” The plane’s maximum service ceiling is 43,100 feet, but military radar had tracked the aircraft flying at between 43,000 feet and 45,000 feet shortly after the last communication from its cockpit.

    “It was tracked flying at this altitude for 23 minutes before descending. Oxygen would have run out in 12 minutes (in a depressurised cabin), rendering the passengers unconscious,” said the source.

    An expert said although the 777-200ER Boeing aircraft has a maximum service ceiling of 43,000 feet, it can probably fly safely at even greater heights.

    But at that altitude, where the atmosphere drastically thins, it would take mere minutes if not seconds for hypoxia – a lack of oxygen – to set in, said the Daily Mail report.

    Oxygen masks would have dropped down, but these only supply between five and 10 minutes of gas.

    Andrew Rae, Professor of Experimental and Applied Aerodynamics at the University of the Highlands and Islands, told Daily Mail: “The venting of cabin pressure would be a problem at 10,000 feet, 30,000 feet or 43,000 feet, but the extra height might perhaps make things happen more quickly.

    The fact that the aircraft flew at 43,000ft should not itself trigger the emergency cabin oxygen supply.”

    Military radar tracked this flight and admits it was aware of the unusual altitude for twenty three minutes yet dismissed it – did not seek or establish any communication to determine why? Wow, it sure makes that SOFREP report plausible.

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