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This is what happens to a country which implements mass immigration policies.

Instead of relying on the quota system which would act like a flood gate, it now has to compensate for the un-assimilated masses its own policies brought to its shores. Imagine that, teach its own language as a foreign language, and the supporters of multiculturalism keep on insisting that their policies do not negatively impact the host society.

 Georgiana Sale said City of Leeds School had to ‘rethink’ its approach [ROSS PARRY]

School becomes first in Britain to teach English as a FOREIGN language

A SCHOOL with children from more than 50 different countries is set to become the first in Britain to teach English as a FOREIGN language.

City of Leeds School will be the first to teach English as a Second LanguageCity of Leeds School will be the first to teach English as a Second Language [ROSS PARRY]

City of Leeds School in Yorkshire is taking the drastic step of introducing classes teaching English as a second language to each of its 350 pupils – including all its British-born pupils.

The school says it has been forced to include British-born English speaking pupils in the programme, because their standard of English is so bad.

Head teacher Georgiana Sale said the school was having to “rethink the way we do things” in a radical bid to improve standards.

She said less than a quarter of its pupils had English as their first language and more than half of the children were new to the country within the past four years.

Ms Sale said it had been decided to include pupils who have English as a first language in the programme because in many cases their level of formal English was not good to achieve good grades at GCSE.

Last year the school had just over a quarter of its pupils, aged 11 to 16, achieve the national benchmark of five good GCSEs, including English and maths – the lowest score of any state school in the city.

But Ms Sale it was unfair to expect the school to reach national averages when so many pupils were new to the language.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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