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The War on Wilders, Part 1


Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 24, 2014 12:14 PM  

Behold the statue of The Dockworker in Amsterdam (found here via here). It stands between the Portugese Synagogue and the Jewish Historical Museum on Jonas Daniel Meijerplein Square.

Of course, all eyes are drawn to the black flag of Al Qaeda, that elongated and Arabian-curled swaztika, waving beside it.

Back to the statue for a history lesson that makes the appalling symbolism apparent. Below is a screenshot from A Travel Guide to Jewish Europe. It tells us that nearly three-quarters of a century ago, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Dutch dockworkers went on strike to protest the Nazi seizure of 400 young Dutch Jews for deportation and all but certain death. The dockworkers’ strike, the guidebook tells us, was “brutally put down by the Germans.” The statue commemorates this Dutch protest of yore to save Jewish citizens from the genocially anti-Semitic and supremacist Nazis.

Pause a moment to consider the Islamic ex-Mufti’s alliance during World War II with Nazi Germany. Such anti-Semitism and supremacism is mirrored in centuries of canonical Islam, which is exemplified in its most violent form in that black flag of jihad.

Think about the popularity of Mein Kampf in Islamic countries today, and Hitler, too. Consider also the Islamic anti-Semitism that undergirds the Iranian drive for nuclear weapons, the Iranian drive to destroy Israel. The black flag of jihad, an abomination anywhere, could hardly be more offensive than here in this Dutch square.

What’s going on? The short answer is a protest, but it’s hard to imagine that occupation, anti-Semitism and supremacism are being protested as they were in Amsterdam on that day long ago. On the contrary, after decades in the Netherlands of Islamizing waves of Muslim immigration and Marx-inspired multiculturalism, this Amsterdam gathering last Saturday was called to oppose “racism” — specifically, the purported “racism” of Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV), the leading Dutch opponents of Islamization and multiculturalism.

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