It’s just another reason why I can’t throw my full support behind these people.

And then they attack multiculturalism, which allows Muslims to be citizens, and multiply in Europe, because the indigenous peoples of Europe are not having enough children, as well as murdering their own offspring.

NOTE: Actually, they do in fact represent death.

Femen attack pro-life demo disguised as death

Femen attack pro-life demo disguised as death

A police officer prevents a Femen activist disguised as a skeleton from interrupting an anti-abortion demonstration in Madrid on Sunday. Photo: Curto de la Torre/AFP

Published: 24 Mar 2014 13:20 GMT+01:00

Five activists belonging to controversial feminist group Femen have staged a protest against an anti-abortion demonstration in Spain’s capital by baring their breasts and painting skulls on their faces.

The five Femen members shouted out “Pro-life is genocide” as they interrupted the anti-abortion march in Madrid’s emblematic Puerta del Sol square on Sunday morning.

As usual, the feminist activists appeared topless as part of their protest modus operandi, but this time they also painted their faces and upper bodies in black and white to replicate a skeleton.

More here.

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